About the project

The INVITED project – Integrating Primary and Pre-school Virtual Exchange Projects into Language Teacher Education, is a transnational initiative involving five universities in Germany, Spain, Poland, Slovenia and the UK.

Project Aims


1. Promote VE projects in primary and pre-school language education
2. Develop teachers’ competencies regarding VE by integrating VE projects with young learners into pre- and in-service language teacher education.


The project provides opportunities for pre- and in-service teachers to connect through the online community and offers support for their VE projects. It develops a teacher education module that will be part of the partners´ curricula and made available as an online professional development course. The outcomes will help promote the use of VE in early language education, develop teachers´ competences regarding VE and foster children´s and teachers cultural, linguistic and digital competences.


1. a survey on pre- and in-service teachers´ attitudes and practices regarding VE in the primary and pre-school language classroom.

2. a community on VE for teachers on the European School Education Platform (etwinning group).

3. a teacher education module and a professional development course on VE projects.

4. use VE in their future teaching at primary and pre-schools.

News & Events

Guest talk at the University of Erfurt, Germany

Guest talk at the University of Erfurt, Germany

Guest talk at the University of Erfurt, GermanyProf. Dr. Annika Kolb of the University of Education of Freiburg held a talk titled “Virtual Exchange in the young learners´ EFL classroom”, as a guest speaker at the University of Erfurt. Prof. Kolb, among many things,...

Presenting at the ELLRA

Presenting at the ELLRA Inaugural Conference in KrakowThe project team, led by Dr. Mateja Dagarin Fojkar of the University of Ljubljana and Dr. Katarzyna Brzosko-Barratt of the University of Warsaw, as well as with Tina Rozmaric and Nurjona Pinguri, presented the...

Guest Talk 4

Guest Talk 4

Guest Talk 4INVITED had the pleasure to host a talk from Magdalena Dybiżbańska-Klinkosz, who is an award-winning preschool teacher from Gdańsk (Poland) involved in many eTwinning projects. The talk was attended by interested students and teachers from Germany and...