University of Education of Freiburg

Annika Kolb

Annika Kolb is a full professor for English language education at the University of Education in Freiburg. She has taught English and German in primary and secondary schools. Her PhD research focused on the use of portfolios in the primary EFL classroom. She is the programme director of the master´s course E-LINGO /Teaching English to young learners/. Current research interests include teaching English to young learners as well as working with literature and using digital media in the English language classroom.

Kirsten Birsak de Jersey

Kirsten Birsak de Jersey is a lecturer at Freiburg University of Education. She wrote the preschool section of their E-LINGO blended learning master’s course and has been teaching at the pre-primary and primary school levels over the last 20 years. She holds a PhD focusing on teacher education for in-service preschool teachers, researched in the context of multilingual state preschools.


Harriet Jeeves

Harriet Jeeves has been working at the University of Education, Freiburg, Germany, since 2018. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology and specialises in teaching English to young learners, with a background as a Primary school teacher. She is also part of the team of E-Lingo, a part-time two-year post-graduate blended-learning master’s programme, specialised on teaching English to preschool and primary students.

Nurjona Pinguri

Nurjona Pinguri has a background in teaching English at the primary level. She is part of the University of Education of Freiburg and holds an MA in Teaching English to Young Learners from the same institution. Her research interests include using picturebooks in the primary EFL classroom, and diversity in ELT.

University of Murcia

Yvette Coyle

Yvette Coyle is a teacher educator in the Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia, Spain, where she specializes in training future primary school teachers of English. Her research on storytelling, songs, multimodal composing or virtual exchange tasks has helped shed light on children’s second language development in instructional settings. 

Pedro Antonio Férez

Pedro Antonio Férez Mora is an Associate Professor in the Department of Language and Literature Teaching at the University of Murcia (Spain) where he teaches in the Primary Education Degree and in the Teacher Training Master’s Degree. His research interests include cinema- and literature-based language teaching, critical pedagogy, and bilingual education.

Florentina Nicolás-Conesa

Florentina Nicolás-Conesa holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics. She is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education where she teaches in the degrees of pre-primary and primary education, and in different Master’s Degrees. She has published her research on teaching EFL in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, such as The Modern Language Journal or Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching.

María Encarnacion Carrillo García

María Encarnacion Carrillo García is currently a full-time lecturer and researcher in the Department of Language and Literature Teaching in the Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia. Formerly, she worked as an EFL teacher in pre-school, primary and secondary education and has been a professional development advisor at the Teachers and Resources Centre in Murcia.

University of Warsaw

Katarzyna Brzosko-Barratt

Katarzyna Brzosko-Barratt is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw, Poland. She has received her PhD at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction of the University of Minnesota. Since 2015 she is the director of the Graduate Programme in Teaching English to Young Learners, which specializes in preparing teachers for language and content integration at primary levels. She participated and led many European projects focusing on content and language integration and literacy development.

Paulina Marchlik

Paulina Marchlik, PhD is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Warsaw. Paulina teaches courses in English, e.g. English language teaching methodology and English phonetics. She supervises the teaching practice of students enrolled in the Graduate Programme in Teaching English to Young Learners. Over the past years, she has been involved in various European research and education projects, including (FP7), ISOTIS (Horizon 2020), BECERID (Erasmus+) and Stories4All (Erasmus+).

Monika Galbarczyk

Monika Galbarczyk (M.A.) specializes in ELT methodology and serves as an academic teacher and trainer for both pre-service and in-service teachers. At the University of Warsaw, she is based at the Centre for Foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education. Additionally, she collaborates with the Faculty of Education, working with groups of international students. She is also a senior specialist at the Digital Competence Centre UW, conducting training sessions and workshops on online course design to support academic staff in creating e-classes on the university’s educational e-learning platform.

University of Ljubljana

Mateja Dagarin Fojkar

Mateja Dagarin Fojkar is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana and holds a PhD in teaching English to young learners. She has been involved in national and international projects, e.g. TEMOLAYOLE – Developing Teachers of Modern Languages to Young Learners; LIT4CLIL – Developing FL literacy in CLIL contexts. Her main research interests include language teacher education, intercultural and literacy development and innovation in education.

Tina Rozmanič

Tina Rozmanič is a Teaching Assistant of FL teaching methodology at the Department of Educational Studies. She is a PhD student and is currently writing her thesis on plurilingualism in Slovenian primary schools. She gives lessons in courses such as Language and Intercultural Awareness, Didactics of Teaching English on the Early Level, and English Phonetics for Primary Teachers of English.

Žan Korošec

Žan Korošec is a Teaching Assistant in the fields of Pedagogical Methodology and Statistics and English in Education. His main research areas and points of interest encompass research ethics, mixed methods design, and triangulation. In the context of his linguistic inquiries, he focuses on the dimension of communicative competence and its transmission into the classroom.


University of Strathclyde

Inge Birnie

Inge Birnie is a senior lecturer in the Institute of Education at the University of Strathclyde. Her research interests are focussed on (minority) language teaching and learning in children aged 3 to 12. She has previously worked with the European Centre for Modern Languages on projects that promote plurilingual practices and intercultural awareness in (pre-)primary schools.

Angela de Britos

Angela de Britos is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the Strathclyde Institute of Education. Prior to this, she worked at Scotland’s National Centre for Languages. Angela leads the MEd Education Studies course and teaches on a variety of modules across undergraduate, PGDE and Masters courses. Her areas of interest include bilingualism, languages, literacy, culture and the teaching & learning of English.

Claire Mouat

Claire Mouat is a Teaching Fellow at the Strathclyde Institute of Education, specializing in language learning and teaching, literacy, family engagement and early years education. She teaches across undergraduate, postgraduate and Masters education programmes.  Currently a doctoral student, Clare is researching pre-service teachers’ interactions with parents and families.