About the project

The INVITED project – Integrating Primary and Pre-school Virtual Exchange Projects into Language Teacher Education, is a transnational initiative involving five universities in Germany, Spain, Poland, Slovenia and the UK.

Project Aims


1. Promote VE projects in primary and pre-school language education
2. Develop teachers’ competencies regarding VE by integrating VE projects with young learners into pre- and in-service language teacher education.


The project provides opportunities for pre- and in-service teachers to connect through the online community and offers support for their VE projects. It develops a teacher education module that will be part of the partners´ curricula and made available as an online professional development course. The outcomes will help promote the use of VE in early language education, develop teachers´ competences regarding VE and foster children´s and teachers cultural, linguistic and digital competences.


1. a survey on pre- and in-service teachers´ attitudes and practices regarding VE in the primary and pre-school language classroom.

2. a community on VE for teachers on the European School Education Platform (etwinning group).

3. a teacher education module and a professional development course on VE projects.

4. use VE in their future teaching at primary and pre-schools.

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